Flextilt pro tilted solar structure

FlexTilt Pro is designed to use as tilted structure where desired angle can be achieved. These angle variations can be achieved be changing rear support and distance between front and rear Base Rails. There is possibility of changing angles from 7° to 15°. These angles can be achieved in group 7° to 10° and 11° to 15° by using different Rear Support. Possible permutation combinations are shown below. ...


Low Rise of panel due to single Landscape panel Tilt which results in less wind pressure acting on panel surface. ...

Thermal & Mechanical compensation ...

Panel to Panel earthing by means of grounding plate. ...

Lower shading distance due to landscape orientation of the solar panel. ...

It can be installed on both South-north & East-West Shed.  ...

Rofing sheet mounted solution enables equal panel to panel row distance. ...

EPDM Rubber Sheet for Excellent Water/UV/High Temperature resistance. ...

Self Stitching Screw of A2 stainless steel with hardened steel drill point for extreme fastening ...

Patent applied product with slide & Rotate action to achieve flexible tilt angles without changing its components. ...



Slides & rotate inside front base rail

  • Available lengths
    70 mm Sharing two consecutive panels
  • Thickness
    1.5 mm
  • Raw material used
    Aluminium 6063 T6


Base rail firmly attached to the crest of the roof

  • Available lengths
    Depending on crest to crest distance
  • Thickness
    1.5 mm
  • Raw material used
    Aluminium 6063 T6


Slides & rotate inside base rail

  • Available lengths
    70 mm Sharing two consecutive panels
  • Thickness
    3 mm

As there are two rotating parts at front & rear so these connection point angles are dynamic.

As panel resting surfaces at front & rear should always be at right angle to the panel, this right angle is achieved by the rotation of the front & rear supports. Angle is decided by the distance between front & rear base rail. This arrangement of surfaces right angle to the panel fulfils the law of Degree of Freedom of used in structural engineering.


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